Site Health 12 Month Subscription

$1,980.00 / year

The ultimate website utility to keep your business running 24/7

Complete peace of mind to allow you to run your web business while we maintain and secure your website all day long. All week long. All year long.



  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
    Site Health explicitly blocks all non-HTTP/HTTPS-based traffic — Layer 7 HTTP Flood Attacks, DNS Amplification Attacks and SSDP Attacks. Each PoP has multiple 10G and 40G ports from different providers, designed to scale and absorb very large attacks.
  • Brute Force Prevention
    Hackers and brute force attacks are blocked from your login pages, protecting your user and admin passwords. The Site Health Firewall also offers IP whitelisting to stop unauthorised access to your CMS administrator area, with automatic integration for popular platforms like WordPress.
  • Blacklist Removal
    Remove your website from blacklists quickly! The panic of blacklisting is real. Your visitors feel it too. Google, or a similar authority, is blocking access to your website and labeling it as dangerous. Waste no time in getting it fixed. Site Health will clear all malicious code from your website and take the necessary steps to remove your website from the blacklist as quickly as possible.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    Our special code monitors any changes to your website and verifies the validity of the changes. If you have been hacked, our team will know immediately and begin cleaning and repairing your site without any effort on your part.
  • Website Hardening
    Don’t leave your site vulnerable! Did you know that updating your website and hardening the existing site coding can eliminate up to 99% of all hack attacks to your site?
  • Realtime Uptime Monitoring
    Keep your hosting company on their toes! Site Health provides 24 hour uptime/downtime monitoring and informs you not only the time your site went offline, but also notifies you how long before it came back online.
  • Website Hack Recovery
    Want to know whats happening with your website? Site Health provides a dedicated support team offering both telephone and email support.
  • Daily Backups
    Would you like peace of mind for your business? Site Health backs up your website daily and hourly if necessary. This is the greatest security against being hacked while not losing continuity of your business.
  • Malware Prevention & Removal
    Site Health assists with Malware in two ways; Prevention and Removal. We will identify any vulnerabilities on your website and assist in patching up the holes. If your site is already infected, we will clean up your site and harden your site to prevent another attack.
  • Site Restoration
    Are you afraid of screwing up your website? With Site Health’s Site Restoration, you can relax knowing your site can be restored to it’s original glory before you started messing with it. One simple email and we’ll have you back live in a jiffy.
  • Website Updates
    Do you want to wash your hands of having to regularly update your website? Our team will keep on top of platform and plugin updates, making sure your online business keeps running at it’s peak and secures you against potential hacks.